Valley Nordkapp 40th anniversary edition - The Forti

In 2015 the Nordkapp will be 40 years old. Prehaps one of the most influential sea kayak designs ever produced. Designed specifically for a 500 mile expedition up the Norwegian coast to its most northerly point, this was the start of sea kayaks being used for extended recreational trips.
For some the boat gained a reputation as being unstable, this was predominantly with lighter paddlers and  unloaded boats. For its 25th anniversary it was made a bit more "user friendly" and named the Nordkapp Jubilee. Again very popular but some had felt it had lost some of its soul. 
With the release of the LV in more recent times Valley brought back some of the liveliness. 

With the 40th anniversary "Forti" edition the boat has lost none of the soul, keeps the classic looking lines and offers a sporty but considered ride. In essence the Forti is the kayak that would be produced today from the original brief and blue prints, after all the sea hasn't changed. 
Still a "True Classic" with an upto date twist.

Stunning clean and unmistakable lines

          New tweaks to the deck such as the forward day hatch are practical with out deviating from                          performance or looks. This will replace the removable pod across the range.

                     Skeg slider is nicely flush to the boat so you don't bang your knuckles on it.

New security bar. A very sensible addition. 

                                   Amazing carbon kevlar construction with superb finish.
                                  Yakimas footrests as standard to keep the high quality out fitting.


Come and give it a spin. We have one for you to try.


Sea Kayaking in Brittany

With the cold drawing in, I thought I'd bring out some nice warm and sunny pictures. Here is a little write up about my summer trip I did to Brittany with my boyfriend Andy, we packed the kayaks (I took the P&H Cetus LV and Andy was in the Perception Essence 17) and road bikes and headed out to stay near Le Pouldu.

Here are a few pictures of some of the trips we did.

This was our first day paddling, the weather was lovely. It was sunny and warm and the sea was pretty calm for us to get out and start exploring.

We paddled along the coast and found Port De Doelan a lovely little village and stopped for a spot of lunch.

On our second day we decided to go a little further, the tides were right so we paddled up the La Laita River from Le Pouldo to Quimperle where we stopped for lunch before paddling back down again. It was a good 20 mile paddle, but definitely worth it as the scenery was great and we saw some wildlife including a dear and turtles or terrapins.

Whilst we were paddling along a deer swam across the river in front of us.


Once we reached the town the river forked and both were impassable because of weirs, this being one of them.

Grand railway bridge on the way back.

It got a little hot on the way back so I got my legs out to cool off.

The final day of paddling involved a quick paddle to an island not far off the coast and a spot of lunch.

Also on our trip we did some really nice road biking, ate some yummy French food and plenty of ice creams. What more could you want from a holiday?


The Yealm, Wembury and the Mew Stone

Ewart has been dabbling and dipping his paddles in the salt water again! A lack of rain and amazing winter days lead to sea kayaking. A bit further south than the previous weekend saw Ewart and his friend Ben take to the water for a paddle around the Yealm estuary and the Wembury area of Plymouth. A selection of shots, the good ones from Bens GoPro Black Edition 3+ and the other from Ewarts phone inside an Aquapac.

"We launched from Noss Mayo, outside the Ship Inn but could have done with a slightly higher tide. It was a touch on the muddy side but the tide was pulling nicely into the Yealm. Noss Mayo is on the banks of Noss Creek with Newton Ferrers on the river right bank. A beautiful day, sunny but with a cool wind. A true winter gem. 

 Fantastic shots from Bens GoPro. It still amazes me how good the photos from these cameras are. Well worth the investment. 

                                                            Ben went for a swim. Nutter. 

                                                                 Yikes! Its Ewart! 

                                           No words for this really apart from stunning. 

And then we have Ewarts photos......

                                                      "Lets paddle to that little rock..."

                                                                   Oh, its a big rock. 

                                                     "That looks cool up there, lets go up it!"

 We guessed this must be the landing spot. The tide was just about hitting low so we had plenty of space to land. In a higher tide it would be more tricky.

 This building was what got us interested in climbing the island. (which we later discovered was the Mew Stone.)

                                                           Wembury Church on the left.

After a few sunny hours paddling, swimming and  exploring we returned to Noss Mayo and the Ship inn. Spend some dosh in the local community, two pints of Mew Stone and some fish and chips please!